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Managing Director 
BU Agile Innovation Lab
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Willy Wijnands is the creator & founder of eduScrum®, initial co-creator of Lightschools®, co-founder of the global initiative Agile in Education, and a passionate Chemistry & Science teacher since 1976. He wrote and contributed to several books on agility and eduScrum (The eduScrum Guide, Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning, and Scrum in Actie).


“It is not about doing agile, but about being agile.”  He uses eduScrum and the agile mindset with students and trainers worldwide in all his classes and projects, no matter the subject. An important basis for his thinking and acting is rooted in his years of involvement in Aikido, Chi Kung, and Shiatsu. 


With Lightschools, Willy wants to build a bridge between the educational system and market requirements. He believes that we can empower each other by collaborating. Together we create projects and products that contribute to a bright new world and develop students into lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow.


Since 2011, Willy has trained more than 1400 teachers in 28 countries with eduScrum and worked with more than 2000 students. 

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