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Why I Attend the Agile CoP (and You Should Too)

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

When my company switched from a waterfall methodology to an adaptive framework about 10 years ago, Agile rocked my software development world. Good-bye waterfall silos, hello cross-functional Agile teams! I embraced the transformation wholeheartedly and joined local Agile groups for monthly lectures and annual conferences. However, as time progressed, I wanted more, like the ability to discuss issues that impacted me, learn from cohorts, and confirm that I was not alone with my passion.

Then I discovered the Boston University (BU) Agile Innovation Lab, with a mission that includes educating Agilists and fostering the Agile community.

Their BU Agile Community of Practice (CoP) Meetings are open to individuals interested in Agile. Participants fall into 3 categories:

  • Learners are new to Agile (< 3 years of experience). Aspiring Agilists, recent college graduates and interested students are Learners.

  • Listeners worked in Agile development for 3 or more years. They are professionals who want to move forward in their careers or practicing Agilists who want to expand their knowledge.

  • Leaders fully embrace Agile and strive to contribute to the community.

Each month, the CoP meets virtually to discuss a single topic from one of two perspectives: Scrum Master or Product Owner. After a brief introduction, facilitators divide attendees into rooms, guide them through the discussion, and employ different techniques to brainstorm sub-topics for further discussion. All participants may contribute to the discussion and learn from others in the group.

In May, the CoP Meeting focused on common Scrum Master and Product Owner anti-patterns. In June, attendees discussed the challenges and opportunities encountered with remote team engagement.

The BU Agile Innovation Lab currently holds their CoP Meetings on the last Tuesday of the month. Their Events page includes registration information for upcoming meetings. I look forward to meeting you virtually!

Watch the video version of this blog!

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