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Past Conferences

The BU Agile Innovation Lab hosts two conferences annually: 

  • An Agile Conference to foster and promote Agile principles and practices.

  • An Agile In Education Conference that discusses how educators can use agile to transform our classrooms and enhance teaching and learning.

2020 Conferences

A Solution to Learning in the Age of COVID-19

October 23-24, 2020 - virtual

The Agile in Education Conference featured international think tanks and 15 global leaders who discussed how educators use agile to transform their classrooms and enhance teaching and learning. Attendees included Education Professionals, Agile Professionals, and anyone interested in learning better ways to deliver education. 

Business Agility through Deploying Authentic Agile: a Real-world and a Research View
January 16-17, 2020

The Boston University Agile Innovation Lab held its inaugural conference on campus. It focused on Business Agility and Agile Transformations using real-world examples and featured 16 speakers. 

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