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Stephen C. Daukas

Lead Agile Coach, Coaching Domain Lead, VP



Steve Daukas is among the top Agilists and Scrum experts today. He has consulted with, trained, and coached leaders and teams at all stages of their agile journey. He has 30+ years of experience leading organizations, including 4 startups, with 20 years of that experience focused on Agile. Steve has worked with and helped more than 30 organizations in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia. He has led successful transformations and leadership workshops at organizations such as 3M, HPE/SVT, BP, DrinkWorks, Bloomberg, Schlumberger, etc. 

Steve worked with Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and one of the Agile Manifesto authors, consulting with organizations around the world. During his time as a Principal at Scrum Inc., he helped create the Scrum@Scale certification and contributed to the Scrum and Scrum at Scale Guides. 

Steve holds numerous Scrum & Agile credentials and has been an instructor, teaching fellow, or visiting scholar at BU, UMass, and WPI. Steve is the co-founder of the Boston University Agile Innovation Lab and the Enterprise Agility Conference. He was named a Scrum Inc. Fellow in 2019.

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