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Ram Srinviasan
Ram Srinviasan

Ram Srinivasan has a unique distinction of being the first (and THE ONLY)) person in North America (and second person in the world) to hold the coveted Certified Scrum Trainer (from Scrum Alliance) and Professional Scrum Trainer (from certifications. His mission is to help his clients build great organizations, and he does this by focusing on people, process, and product development. 


Ram started as a developer and later moved to hold various roles, including software architect, Project /Program Manager, and Agile Coach. He has coached, mentored, and consulted with teams to organizations of different sizes across many industries (finance, insurance, retail, banking, media, telecom, government, etc.). This depth and breadth of experience give Ram the ability to view clients' challenges from different perspectives and provide pragmatic solutions, making him a sought after Agile Coach. 


Beyond Agile and Scrum, Ram's interests are in Emotional and Social Intelligence (for individuals, groups), Applied neuroscience for organizational and culture change, System Thinking, Complex Adaptive Systems, and understanding Human Systems in organizations. He is a frequent speaker at Agile meetups and conferences. From time to time, Ram also runs free coaching circles and book clubs. 


Ram holds a Masters's degree in Engineering from The University of Arizona and is currently based out of Boston, MA.

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