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Pepe Lopez

Co-Founder, Agile Strategist

Loghan Partners Consulting Group


Pepe grew up in Latin America, where relationship-building is at the core of every interaction and he learned that necessity drives inventiveness. From an early age, he consciously or unconsciously acted as a leader who builds relationships and galvanizes people into action to produce a positive outcome because relationship building and problem-solving are part of my DNA. 


Pepe is an experienced Agile Leader of both technical and business teams, with a record of accomplishments building relationships within and between units. He specializes in creating a shared high-level vision for collaboration and communication, creating explicit alignment between this vision and day-to-day work details. Using a simple framework, he developed highly innovative Agile teams in start-ups, NGOs, higher education, and Fortune 100 organizations by:

  • Helping individuals and teams increase their levels of trust within and across teams. 

  • Leveraging the strengths of individuals and teams to support the organization's business strategy.

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