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Agile in Education Conference Agenda

Friday October 23, 2020

8:00-8:30 AM EDT

Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Dr. Vijay Kanabar, and James Hannon
Welcoming and Opening Remarks

8:30-9:30 AM EDT

Willy Wijnands
Transforming Education with eduScrum®

The world is changing very fast, and we must adapt to this change. Unfortunately, the current educational system is obsolete. We are still teaching as we did in the age of industrialization, which used to make perfect sense but is no longer applicable. 


Willy will talk about transforming education with eduScrum and an Agile mindset.

9:35-10:35 AM EDT

James Hannon
The winds of change battering high education-living in a VUCA world

Covid-19 pushed the need to rethink the planning and delivery of curriculum to the forefront. However, it was going to change because the world of education is changing. James will discuss the practical application of experiential learning and agile in education and how these approaches can arm the educator with new and flexible approaches to education in the current environment.


10:40 AM -12:00 PM EDT

Noah Sarucia and Jessica Larsen
Together, Scrum Inc. and eduScrum aim to prepare the workforce of tomorrow by bringing the world of work into the classroom, and the world of learning into the workplace. In this short talk, we will share how bringing the Scrum values and the Agile mindset into the educational experience enables learners to take ownership of their own journey, increase engagement, improve outcomes, and build a more fulfilling and impactful workplace for tomorrow. 

12:00-12:30 PM EDT


12:35-1:30 PM EDT

Jeff Burstein
How to leverage the L-EAF Values of Transparency and Collaboration as a Solution to learning in the age of COVID-19

In the age of COVID-19, there are new and ever-changing challenges to learning. From mindset to tools our Educational systems were not set up to handle a pandemic. Jeff will explore how Students, Parents, and Educators can leverage the Learning – Educational Agile Framework’s Values of Transparency and Collaboration to solve some common problems starting to manifest and future issues that may impact learning in the age of COVID-19. From tools to the mindset, he will discuss ways to empower learning in the face of shifting conditions, regulations, technological and health challenges.

1:35-2:30 PM EDT

Terri E. Givens​
Agility and Inclusive Leadership in the Age of COVID-19

Terri Givens will discuss her work on inclusive leadership and the way that agility can be utilized to help academic leaders become more student-centered and transparent. Agility coaches can help leaders in the academy find new strategies for change, as well as including the voices of students and faculty in decision-making processes. As we modify our teaching and management practices in the era of COVID-19, having an agile approach will be critical for making quick decisions and developing innovative approaches to student learning.

2:35-3:30 PM EDT

Brian Irwin
The L-EAF System of Transformation: Making educational institutions lean in the age of COVID
Agile frameworks provide organizations a method to improve the delivery of value and a mechanism to learn and swiftly sense-and-respond to external threats. However, organizations struggle to realize a return that exceeds the investment they have made toward agility. While there are many reasons for a low return on investment (ROI), the primary cause is the failure to understand that agile frameworks do not provide a system of transformation. A traditional organization system, built on outdated assumptions, requires a system-level redesign to maximize ROI.
L-EAF is the only agile framework to incorporate a system of transformation, increasing the probability of framework success and ensuring maximal ROI. In this session, we will explore the details of the L-EAF system of transformation and examine the critical factors necessary to unlocking its full potential. Also, because no transformation is linear in nature, the interaction inherent in the transformation stages will be discussed.
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