About Us

The BU Agile Innovation Lab's mission is to educate Agilists of all experience levels, foster the community, and promote Agile Project Management principles and practices.

We provide programs and resources to develop the skills and careers of aspiring and current Agile professionals. As a volunteer-led organization, we rely on our members' skills and initiative to plan and run thought-provoking events, programs, and blogs that promote learning, sharing, and networking in a friendly environment.

What We Do

Agile in Education

We proudly work with Teachers on the use of Agile in education settings. We want to see education transformed!

We will be working with eduScrum, stay tuned for more information.

Articles + Academic Research

Our Members provide research back to the community on all aspoects of Agile Project Management.

Check out our Articles + Research page

Communities of Practice

We host a virtual Community of Practice (CoP) monthly to

gather Agilists and people advocating for authentic agile.

We look to the practical use of agile to our practice. 

We also coordinate with the leadership of PMI Mass Bay for

specific subjects that project managers will find of interest, to

increase agile skills.

Check our our Events page for future CoP Events.


Each January, we hold an annual conference to foster Agile Project Management principles and practices across all industries. 

The theme for the January 2020 conference was Business Agility through Deploying Authentic Agile: A real world and a research view.

We'll post information for our 2021 conference in September/October to our Conferences page.

Student Mentorships

The Lab works with students for internships and mentorship in Agile Project Management. Please Contact Us for more information. 


We offer a wide array of webinars on all aspects of agile, including agile best practices, educScrum, Personal Agility, and much more!

Check out our Events page for future Webinars.

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The Boston University Agile Innovation Lab is a resource for the agile project management community. 

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