The Boston University Agile Innovation Lab is a resource for the agile project management community. 




The Boston University Agile Innovation Lab is a resource for the agile project management community.

BU MET College  offers numerous Agile courses, graduate degrees and is a leader in the PM education space 

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  • The goal for the Innovation Lab is to foster APM principles and practices.

  • The Lab will be a platform for BU students to receive mentorship and internships and to write and publish original research material.

  • The Lab will be a vital resource for entities to serve as an incubator for training, education, and consulting.

The Team 

  • Dr. Vijay Kanabar - Director & Associate Professor

  • James Hannon - Lead Volunteer for the overall lab and Board Member

  • Dave Silberman - Student Mentor/research lead volunteer and Board Member

  • Daniel Minahan - Board Member and Volunteer lead for events 

  • Stephen Daukas - Board Member and lead volunteer for practices and research 

  • Hana Siddiquee, MSPM, CSM - Board Member for Agile in Education 

BU Agile Innovation Lab Areas

  • Assist and build best practices for Agile Project Management

  • Education and Events - build leading-edge Agile PM classes, seminars, and offerings to educate the PM and Agile communities.

  • Research - Produce and publish critical research articles advancing Agile PM best practices.

  • Student Mentorship- students will have the opportunity to work with leaders in the Agile and PM areas.

  • Organize an annual agile conference

  • Agile transformation patterns 

  • Scaling Scrum in different sized organizations 

In the News

From the Scrum Inc Newsletter  1-25-2020


Keynote At The Inaugural Enterprise Agility Conference

Business Agility through Deploying Authentic Agile was the theme of this first-event hosted by Boston University’s Agile Innovation Lab. Author and Scrum Inc. CEO JJ Sutherland was honored to kick-off the conference with a keynote address. Later, JJ and Scrum Inc.’s Jess Jagoditsh took part in an open question panel discussion about all things Scrum and Agile.

View JJ's Slides