The Boston University Agile Innovation Lab is a volunteer-led professional association whose mission is to educate Agilists of all experience levels, foster the community, and promote Agile principles and practices. Check out our Articles + Research page for our latest articles and research or sign-up for one of our Events, including webinars and Communities of Practice Meetings.

What Type of Agilist Are You?


Learners have <3 years Agile

experience. They include:

  • Aspiring Agilists

  • Recent college graduates

  • Interested students

  • Small business firms


Listeners have 3-10 years Agile experience. They include:

  • Professionals moving into consulting

  • Individual contributors Moving to manager

  • Practicing Agilists who want to expand their knowledge


Leaders have >10 years Agile experience. They include:

  • Experienced person who wants to contribute to the community

  • Experienced industry consultant

  • Large-scale organizations

Articles + Research

Partner Spotlight


We are inspiring a movement that will transform the future of Africa through community-based education, youth development, mentoring and enrichment programs to help young people develop skills and strength to dream and thrive in the global community.

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